Les Z'Elles au Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles

Du 16 au 31 mars 2018

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We also count on each of you



You will find here the online platform in order to help us.

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Propulsé par HelloAsso
Propulsé par HelloAsso

What will the money be used for ?


This beautiful project has a cost: Three crews, three vehicles, three registrations, the total budget is 90 000 €.


The registration itself costs € 15,000 per crew. (45 000 € for 3 crews)


Second budget item: our 4x4. We will either rent them or buy them: 10 000 € per crew including the spare parts to be taken on site (shock absorbers, brake pads, clutch mechanism, universal joints, filters, fuses, seals ...).


Third post of the necessary budget: navigation training (map and compass), driving in the sand and / or off-road and training in mechanics: 2000 € per crew.


Last part of the budget we are asking for your help today: navigation equipment, safety equipment (satellite tracking system), equipment for the bivouac: 3000 € per crew, or 9 000 € for the 3 crews.